They arrest reporters, don’t they?

Democracy Now! host, producers arrested

The first video is the arrest of producer Nicole Salazar, the second of Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman, who was arrested for asking about why Salazar and producer Sharif Abdel Kouddous were arrested. Goodman, Salazar and Kouddous all had full press credentials and passes, which in theory should have allowed them even onto the convention floor itself. They were covering police brutality against demonstrators.

The producers have been charged with felony rioting (yup, Salazar was being real riotous in the video), Goodman has been charged with obstruction of a legal process and interfering with blatant thuggery a peace officer.

All three have been released, thanks to thousands of phone calls and efforts by Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison, a civil liberties stalwart. They are far from the only press being arrested at the RNC.

Here are some numbers to call to support dropping the charges:

Minneapolis Police Dept. 612-673-3074
Chris Coleman, St. Paul Mayor: 651.266.8510
or Chris Rider from Mayor Coleman’s office at 651-266-8535
Ramsey County Jail at 651-266-9350 (press extension 0)
Ramsey County Sheriff: 651.487.5149

Here are the names and numbers of St Paul City Council people to call as well:
Melvin Carter – Ward 1 – 651- 266-8610
Dan Thune – Ward 2 – 651-266-8620
Pat Harris – Ward 3 – 651-266-8630
Russ Stark – Ward 4 – 651-26-8640
Lee Helgen – Ward 5 – 651-266-8520
Dan Bostrom – Ward 6 – 651-266-8660
Cathy Lantree – Ward 7 – 651-266-8670

(Thanks, Martin)

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  1. This is the continuation domestically, of a policy that has been used in Iraq. Reporters have been detained and killed routinely in that country for not following the Bush regime’s propaganda line.

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