Because it washes us all the fuck out once in awhile


Sage advice

Happy Saturday.

Reasons I love Asheville, 1 and 2

Outside famous downtown hole-in-the-wall Loretta’s. There was a Wendy’s stand across the street.

Action figures at Malaprop’s. They’ve sold out of Edgar Allan Poe.

Why the hell did Asheville run out of gas?

Anatomy of a gas crunch:

When the gas gets to Spartanburg, Colonial’s customers get their fuel and truck it up to the mountains for delivery to gas stations. However, the industry’s big dogs—companies like Exxon and BP—have first dibs on the available supply. Normally, this isn’t a problem, but if there’s a shortage, local independent distributors such as Biltmore Oil (owned by Eblen) and Asheville Oil have to settle for what’s left—if there is anything left.

From there raw panic just made things worse. It’s interesting how skin-deep Asheville’s “community” is on some fronts. One shortage and people are ready to come to blows over a gallon of gas.

That article is the one that nearly killed me to finish last week, but I’m proud of it. It’s a strange day when you’ve got a conservative Republican state rep. shouting that the oil companies “are begging us to regulate them.”

Interesting times.