If you’re voting on Election Day

Here’s where you can find your polling place. This is important information, as Asheville has a dizzying array of precincts, some of them quite small.

Furthermore, when people move, they often forget to update their address with the Board of Elections, and thus may have to vote in their old location.

Be prepared for long lines — turnout has already been through the roof in early voting this year — I’d set aside at least an hour to go vote, especially if you’re in a heavily populated precinct like downtown, Shiloh or Montford.

Look over the Mountain Xpress’ Voter Guide if you need to know about the local races. If you’re a liberal, Scrutiny Hooligans has a useful guide that goes down the entire ballot, explanations included.

I haven’t been able to find a conservative equivalent yet, but if someone knows of one, let me know and I’ll post a link to it.


Why the hell did Asheville run out of gas?

Anatomy of a gas crunch:

When the gas gets to Spartanburg, Colonial’s customers get their fuel and truck it up to the mountains for delivery to gas stations. However, the industry’s big dogs—companies like Exxon and BP—have first dibs on the available supply. Normally, this isn’t a problem, but if there’s a shortage, local independent distributors such as Biltmore Oil (owned by Eblen) and Asheville Oil have to settle for what’s left—if there is anything left.

From there raw panic just made things worse. It’s interesting how skin-deep Asheville’s “community” is on some fronts. One shortage and people are ready to come to blows over a gallon of gas.

That article is the one that nearly killed me to finish last week, but I’m proud of it. It’s a strange day when you’ve got a conservative Republican state rep. shouting that the oil companies “are begging us to regulate them.”

Interesting times.

Rundown, evil cackle edition

* I found out today that someone recently called me power-hungry. I’ll take that as a compliment, especially in this city.

* I have a craving for steak.

* Kathleen Sebelius is coming to Asheville

* While I’m on the topic of this fair town, what it really needs is a fetish/latex fashion place with some decently affordable stuff for us proles too. Combined with Genesis P-Orridge moving here, that could herald a new subcultural dawn: hippie bullshit out, shiny, driven occultists in! Bring the jubilee!

* You know what’s fascinating? Memory Palaces. Immensely so. Giordano Bruno had one. Much as I find technology and the change it can bring compelling, a lot of non-techne based talents and skills deserve far more exploration than they currently get.

* “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.”
-Eric Hoffer

Genesis P-Orridge moving to Asheville

Holy shit. From this fascinating article in Radar:

Gen’s royal “we” has taken on an added resonance after Jaye’s death, since in a way he’s speaking for both of them: The pandrogeny project is still ongoing, but in a different form. Now Gen feels it’s his duty to represent both himself and Jaye on this physical plane; as a result, he’s planning additional surgeries to more closely resemble her. “I need to balance out my energy,” he says.

He’s been wearing Jaye’s clothes almost exclusively—they were the same size, except around the shoulders—and using her cell phone, keeping her outgoing greeting, despite the protests of some of their friends.

Jaye’s spirit has contacted him several times, he says, via the usual paranormal routes: pictures flying off walls, strange vibrations. (He notes that a few friends have witnessed these events as well.) Jaye has let him know she’s waiting for him, but Gen has decided to stick around for now. Time in the other place moves at a different speed, he says. She’ll be patient. In the meantime, she’s instructed him to move to Asheville, North Carolina (a place neither one of them ever visited), and build a compound with some friends. The Queens house is on the market.

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