Genesis P-Orridge moving to Asheville

Holy shit. From this fascinating article in Radar:

Gen’s royal “we” has taken on an added resonance after Jaye’s death, since in a way he’s speaking for both of them: The pandrogeny project is still ongoing, but in a different form. Now Gen feels it’s his duty to represent both himself and Jaye on this physical plane; as a result, he’s planning additional surgeries to more closely resemble her. “I need to balance out my energy,” he says.

He’s been wearing Jaye’s clothes almost exclusively—they were the same size, except around the shoulders—and using her cell phone, keeping her outgoing greeting, despite the protests of some of their friends.

Jaye’s spirit has contacted him several times, he says, via the usual paranormal routes: pictures flying off walls, strange vibrations. (He notes that a few friends have witnessed these events as well.) Jaye has let him know she’s waiting for him, but Gen has decided to stick around for now. Time in the other place moves at a different speed, he says. She’ll be patient. In the meantime, she’s instructed him to move to Asheville, North Carolina (a place neither one of them ever visited), and build a compound with some friends. The Queens house is on the market.

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